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Empowering the Big Health Business

Empowering the Big Health Business

Every company and individual should have a chance to succeed in the wave of big health business.

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Women’s Health

The YZY women’s health product pipeline is a range of high quality products created specifically for the modern woman. By combining the traditional wisdom of Chinese medicine with modern technology, we are committed to providing women with a comprehensive health solution that cares for their physical and mental health from the inside out.


The YZY TCM Smart AI product pipeline is a series of revolutionary products based on the combination of artificial intelligence technology and the wisdom of Chinese medicine. Through deep learning and big data analysis, we are committed to providing users with personalised and accurate TCM health solutions.


The YZY anti-ageing product pipeline is a range of highly effective products designed for those seeking youth and vitality. Through scientific research and innovative technology, we are committed to providing users with the most advanced anti-ageing solutions to help you slow down the ageing process and have a healthy interior.

What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respected clients


The product is fantastic! We were looking for a product that would effectively regulate our skin problems and your product has completely exceeded our expectations. Not only did it bring about significant improvement in skin problems, but it also brought lasting results. This is truly a modern take on Chinese medicine!

Xi’an Chang’an Church


Your product is so helpful! After using it, my client’s problems have been effectively solved and it has given him an experience like no other. These fantastic results have impressed me with your product! As a business partner, I couldn’t be happier with your product and I am sure it will bring health and happiness to many more people.

Dean Li, Anhui


Your product has solved a difficult problem in this field and has surprised and satisfied us! We know that such results would not have been possible without your strong R&D team. A team of world class scientists and experts has brought us an amazing range of products. It has been an honour to work with you and one of the keys to our future success.

Panlong Pharmaceutical

Some Recent Articles

The latest articles from YZY Big Health Consulting


2023年 6月 6日|

秦岭七药协同创新中心举办招商大会,共谋发展大计 循医圣路食养食疗未病先调;尊药王道非医非药百病皆消! 近日,秦岭七药协同创新中心举办了一场全国招商大会,吸引了众多企业家和投资人前来参加。本次招商大会以“陕西秦岭七药集团大健康超市系列产品发布和招商模式推介”为主题,旨在为秦岭七药产业的发展注入新的活力和动力。在会议上介绍了秦岭七药大健康超市的产品,其中包括六大系列,分别是骨伤康复系列、皮肤病康复系列、慢病管理系列、男女健康系列、美容护肤系列、健康养护系列。此外,本次招商大会还举办了一系列的洽谈会和项目推介会,为企业家和投资人提供了更为直接、便捷的合作机会。众多企业家和投资人表示,秦岭七药的独特性和市场前景十分吸引人,他们将积极考虑在秦岭七药产业方面进行投资和合作,共同推动秦岭七药产业的发展。 本次招商大会的成功举办,不仅为秦岭七药产业的发展注入了新的活力和动力,也为中心的招商引资工作树立了新的标杆。我们相信,在各方的共同努力下,秦岭七药产业将会迎来更加美好的明天! ...

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In this fast-paced modern society, our physical health has become particularly important. In order to meet the demand of consumers for great health products, we have launched a new mobile application, the Palm Health Mall.